ESG Search recruits professionals across the energy, natural resources
and environmental

The ESG Search team understand sustainability and what it means in Asia. As a result, they understand the ‘talent’ implications and have a strong global network to support those fast evolving needs.

Ashley Hegland, Regional Director, Sustainability, Edelman Asia Pacific

It's great to see demand finally exists to have a company like ESG Search in Asia. The team has excellent skills and knowledge.

General Manager, ASrIA (Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia)

Their specialized approach in a discrete market: focusing on sustainability, environmental and safety professionals really help match both the needs of their clients and prospective candidates.

General Manager, Global Environment, Health and Safety, Johnson Electric Group

ESG Search is a firm whose help I found invaluable because of the depth and breadth of it energy industry knowledge base.

Giuseppe (Joseph) Jacobelli, Former Global Head of Cleantech and Head of Utilities, Asia Pacific, HSBC Global Research, HSBC

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